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What Is Numerology ? 

The ultimate co-creator for your experiences is YOU.  Your FREE WILL and CHOICE will always be the final drivers of the outcome of your decisions.  Your choices and free will combined with efforts in leading an active role in your personal development will impact the manifestation of the life you desire.  This information will allow you the potential to step into your power and take an active role in your personal growth and development.​  

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Numerology IS ~

  • The science of transformation and growth.

  • It helps to predict POTENTIAL by providing a framework of codes, vibrations and frequencies.

  • It provides information about your personality type, your life purpose, and gives you other information so you can navigate your relationships in your life.

  • It is the language which connects science to your spiritual awareness.​

  • It offers insight into the RANGE of emotional vibrations and frequencies associated with the numbers.  The rest is up to you.


Numerology IS  NOT ~ 

  • a definitive or psychic predictive outcome formula,

  • a crystal ball,

  • going to give you a definitive answer to the winner of the ballgame, the lottery, or how long you will live. 


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Why Numerology?

Why is it helpful in living your best life?

  • ​Numerology provides clarity and awareness to help you navigate your challenges and embrace change.

  • It allows you to understand your connection to humanity by offering multiple perspectives of your truth.

  • It allows you to tap into your soul essence and reclaim your power. 

  • It allows you to take action and embrace all parts of yourself to create your most meaningful life.​ 

**Clarity about your truth:


When you gain soul alignment through clarity, you will be able to tap into your truth


**Aligning with your Purpose:


On Earth, we are here to serve the collective for the betterment of humanity.  Alignment will bring your purpose to light.


**Strengths and Superpowers:


Strengths and challenges are mirrors. Perspective determines how you will define them.


**Understanding Energy Patterns: 


Understand where you are aligned or not.  Learn your triggers, why they exist and learn to dismantle their grip on you.  Reclaim your power, reclaim your freedom, reclaim your life.


**Soul Alignment:


Ease and flow is facilitated by removing blockages to alignment.  Return to your power and align with your soul essence.


**Navigating the Unknown: 


Clarity and awareness allow you to navigate the unknown and embrace change.  We need to change in order to grow.

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