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Image by Eugene Golovesov

What is Aligned Wellness Coaching?

You have tried to change but haven’t been successful?

Are you sick and tired of living a life that’s less than what it could be?

Maybe you recognize yourself in some of these questions?  

Maybe you’ve taken the courses, the certifications, read the self-help books, gone to therapy?

Perhaps you’ve landed here because those things have not worked for you and haven't allowed you to feel free?

Have you ever considered how you define your self worth?

Do you believe you are valuable just because you’re here? 

Or, do you feel like you need to define your value through the car you drive, the home you own, the country club membership you have, the job title (the tangibles of what you can see and touch in your life)?  

I know this may be hard to hear because you probably have never dived this deep in therapy, chats with friends, self-help books etc.  You’ve tried to figure out how to feel better in your life.   So, you’ve done the therapy, the books, and the coffee convos with your BFF, and it hasn’t worked.  Why?  Because there’s no one thus far who has called you out on the fact that your barometer of self worth is upside down.  The fact that you are valuable just because you are, not because you have material things in your life.


How you define your self-worth and value IS LIKELY what prevents you from experiencing a life that you love, a life in which you feel truly free to be yourself, a life that you’re grateful for and a life you feel completely fulfilled with.  


You might not have ever recognized that this is the DISCONNECT.  So it might come through as struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, anger, frustration, self-doubt, fear of judgment and rejection, perfectionism, procrastination, poor work/home balance, burnout etc.​


No one has brought to light what’s BENEATH what you struggle with - This is part of the gift of what I do. This is what ALIGNED WELLNESS COACHING does.


I help to shine the light of awareness on the deeper truths of the essence of who you are so you can find, once and for all, that your divine spark which exists within you has nothing to do with the things you own or the letters behind your name.  And THIS…this is freedom.

I invite you to allow me to help you find your clarity and help to bring you awareness of what your heart is whispering to you.  When you can calm the noise of your mind to hear the whispering of your heart, this is a step towards returning to your sovereignty of yourself, your personal power, returning to the wild, untamed nature of a full heart, living a life cracked wide open, expressing, expanding and enjoying abundance on all levels. 



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