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In addition to the support services you can find on the website, I invite you to explore some of the other events available for you.  This page will be updated as new collaborations and creative ventures arise. 

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Energy of the Untamed Heart Podcast

Available on all listening platforms including Apple and Spotify


Weekly releases on Thursday as either a guest or solo episode.

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EFT episode on Dental Anxiety

Check out my episode on Jackie McDonald's Tapping School Podcast where I talk about using EFT to help with dental anxiety.

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Fundraiser Virtual Workshop***


“How to Regulate Your Nervous System” - Honestly it’s not just for horse people!!  Create a calmer space for yourself and your horse.  This is an introduction about how our human nervous system is connected to our emotions and thoughts.  How you show up for yourself is how you show up for your horse.  ***available live for local venues

DM or send me a message here for further information

 Lead From The Heart Summit

FREE Summit on a dedicated YouTube Channel - hear from global presenters speaking with heart-centered inspiration about how to walk your way home to yourself and hear your heart whispers.

Launches April 1, 2024- get all the information by signing up here

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