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Hello ~ I'm Mielle Fox

We are all divine sparks of love, coded with unique gifts.  

No one individual is more sparkly than another.

No one is more divine than another.

No one is more love than another. 

We are simply different in how we shine.


Who am I?

I'm a multifaceted human here on Earth as one of the Universe's sparks of love sharing my unique gifts.  Using tools as an aligned wellness coach, certified advanced numerologist, energy awareness navigator, certified EFT practitioner, podcaster, oral healthcare professional and avid equestrian, I blend my experience and knowledge to help you realize that you are not what you have or what you do in this life.  I show you how to filter this awareness into your day to day to create a life which becomes infinitely richer in the way you choose to live it.

I work in oral healthcare in a small rural community.  I have clients who drive HOURS to come see me - NOT because of what I do, but because of how I make them FEEL.  I am NOW able to recognize that all of what motivates me to do this is because I was being guided to believe in my innate value, my self worth and self value - NOT for what I do, but for who I BE.  


I am here because I breathe.  I am here because I endeavor to leave this planet better than when I came into it.   And THIS, has nothing to do with my house, my car, my title, my 401K.  It’s very simple - I AM VALUABLE BECAUSE I AM HERE

  • I’m a health care professional who loves her community and sees a need to stop the trap of giving one's power away to everyone else (which will result in career and personal burnout, mental stress, exhaustion and frustration).

  • I’m a gal who has spent a lifetime overcoming challenges and obstacles.

  • I’m a gal who has a deep passion to serve the collective and make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

  • I’m a gal who loves science, math and spirituality and knows how to connect the bridge between them to facilitate healing and personal growth.  

  • I’m a gal who has the intuitive capacity to take abstract concepts and apply them to real world experiences. 

  • I’m a gal who has lost loved ones too soon, recognizes life’s fragility, who stops and asks “could there another way?” 

  • I’m a gal with a big heart and a fast brain wanting to share how you can reconnect your head/heart resonance to create an integrated expression of wellness on all levels of your life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  • I'm a gal who REFUSED to wait any longer to live her best life ~ and a gal who chose to walk home to her heart


  • I help you find that spark within yourself so that you remember who you truly are.

  • When you understand that you are your value, not what you have, and you own that value, you will be able to experience aligned wellness.

  • I help you understand and know that YOU hold the key to your desires, your visions and only YOU can choose to unlock the door to your wild heart. 

  • This is your birthright. 

  • This is everyone's birthright.

Why am I so passionate about this? 


I had spent many years providing service for others while putting my own needs aside.   I had given my power away by seeking validation from outside of myself.   I had attached my idea of happiness, success, and worthiness to my environment and my work.  Then I lost a close family member too soon, too quickly.   Life is unpredictable; I'd had enough of not taking care of me, of not engaging fully in a life that felt joyful and satisfying for myself.

It is understanding and embracing the energetic connection between science and spirit which has served to guide me back to who I am.  This connection has allowed me to heal and find freedom from the conditioning, old patterns, trauma, beliefs, and the stories I had told myself.   


I'm not asking you to pretend bad things don't happen or you didn't have it rough, or pretend life is a pile of pixie dust and unicorns. 


I'm asking you to own what's real, don't be afraid to use life's lessons as platforms for growth.

Be willing to let sh*t go, so you can create the life you want, one small step at a time.

It's not a wave of a wand to make a lifetime of crap disappear in a cloud of poof! 

But it can happen if you want it.  You can do this, and I can help you.

Disclaimer: Any persons viewing the content of this website as well as any social media associated with this website, agree and understand that I am not providing medical advice.  This information does not replace conventional medical diagnosis or treatment.  If you feel your needs require medical attention, please contact your physician or healthcare provider.

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I'll let the clients tell you themselves what their takeaway ah-ha moments were from their experiences with me.  Releasing old patterns and breaking away from the blind spots which are holding you back...this is how you start to reclaim your personal power.

"I highly recommend Fox Den Energetics.  Mielle has the ability to say what people need to hear, when they need to hear it...a learning experience in love .. with an amazing twist of humor.  I always leave the Den feeling better about myself." ~ Carole-ann M.

"Mielle is an amazingly warm and wise individual! She has an intuitive sense of your problem and can hone in on practical and easy solutions to help get you unstuck. She has the unusual ability to make the hard things seem easy so you can get on with what you need to do! Work with Mielle, you won't regret it!"~ Jennifer A.

“Mielle offers straight talk, right from the heart. She offers helpful tips to better yourself and your outlook on the world, all with a dose of humor and realism.” ~ David G.

"Well articulated with very useful and specific channeled information which absolutely resonated with me.  I have been working on releasing old patterns, triggers and behaviors which no longer serve me.  You affirm that I am in the best direction for myself as well as pointing out some other areas needing my attention.  What I value most in Mielle's work is the honesty and clarity of the messages themselves.   They are direct and not wrapped in a bunch of nonsensical verbiage." ~ Shan M.

“Working with Mielle has been literally life changing for me.  I am now understanding how to move past stories I’ve got going on into a place of TRUE healing.  THIS is what this experience has brought to the table.” ~ Carla U.

“So thankful for you bringing this coaching to me.  The program went by so fast and WOW, so many eye opening moments.  I love that I have all these tools that I can keep going back through to work through any new blockages that I may encounter.” ~ Marnie L.

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