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Reclaim Your Personal Power

Mielle Fox
Aligned Wellness Coach
Energy Awareness Navigator
Certified Advanced Numerologist
EFT Practitioner

Do you know what your heart passions are and are you living those out right now?

Are you wanting clarity around what’s blindsiding you from living a life of happiness and fulfillment?

Does that clarity seem just out of reach?


Sometimes it can feel painful to connect too deeply with your heart.  Having a simple new awareness has the potential to create massive change in an instant.


This is one of my superpowers, 'cuz here’s the thing ~ 


You don’t know what you don't know until you do!

Without that knowing, how can we possibly make a change?

This is what my 20 min FREE curiosity call is for - to help you develop an awareness of the things that are standing between you and the life you want to live.


It’s that simple.  


I value your time.  I don’t want to beat around the  bush.  I want you to see results so you can create an energetic shift.  I value cutting through the BS and getting to the nitty gritty.


We arrive on this planet in a pure state of love and alignment.  However, our human journey brings conditioning and patterns which jump us out of the alignment of our true being.  By exploring these areas of patterning and beliefs and working through them systematically you will take back your life, reclaim your power and really own your true essence of who you are at your deepest level.​


Life’s too short to feel bad, to not go after what you want, so let's dive in.  It's time.  Choose you and choose a life expression which includes abundance, expansion and joy.  Learn how opening your heart and being a receiver of all that is available for you will shift and transform your journey. 


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