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Image by Eugene Golovesov

What is Whole Wellness/Transformational Coaching?

Feeling stuck? 

Paralyzed by your thoughts and/or emotions?

Can't express yourself verbally or physically in a healthy way?

Do you feel:

  • overwhelmed,  

  • angry, 

  • scattered, 

  • self doubting, 

  • afraid, 

  • not enough

  • anxious, 

  • stressed out, 

  • worried, 

  • depressed, 

  • frustrated, 

  • unloved?


Do you struggle with:

  • people pleasing, 

  • repeating the same kinds of patterns in your relationships, 

  • fear of judgment,

  • fear of rejection and abandonment, 

  • needing to be perfect, 

  • do it right and check off all the boxes, 

  • put everyone and everything else before our own needs, wants and desires?

Maybe you have recognized yourself in some of these questions.  Maybe you've taken the umpteen courses (I know I did), got the certifications (yup, check), read the books (ya), did the retreats, the meditations, and all the latest and greatest healing modalities.  And yet, you're still stuck, something isn't quite jiving (Ya, this was me).  

It isn't jiving because it's not enough to just try to get all spiritual or all physical or all feely about your life.  Without true balance in all the planes - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and a methodology to bring them all together, it's like having a jigsaw puzzle but still not being able to bring all the pieces together for a complete picture.   Digging to the root causes and working through them systematically will allow you to take back your life, reclaim your power and really own your true essence of who you are at your deepest level.​

It can be difficult to find the way through on your own.   Transformational coaching is a method of healing by finding awareness and processing through your blocks which are impacting your ability to lead an aligned and fulfilling life. 


If you answered YES to any of these questions above, let's work together!  Let me show you how you can break out of these old patterns with gentle, compassionate and kind guidance.  Learn how you can start tapping into new possibilities - possibilities for happiness, joy, love, fulfillment, freedom, grace, confidence ~ the myriad of possibilities of your visions.

Is this you?  Sick and tired of living a life that's less than what it could be?  Ready to finally break away from what's blocking you?  Ready to have your life FEEL and LOOK the way you want it to be?  IF you said YES to any of these questions, it's time for you to SAY YES TO YOURSELF!   Click on this link, see if we're a match and book a complimentary clarity consult.

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