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Image by Eugene Golovesov

What is Aligned Wellness Coaching?

Sick and tired of living a life that's less than what it could be?  Ready to really take a step towards finding out what holds you back from expressing a life of heart-centered living?  Ready to have your life FEEL and LOOK the way you want it to be?  IS THIS YOU? This was me ~ until I owned the AWARENESS of my role in how my life showed up.  That awareness was the opening of the flood gates to personal transformation for me.

Do you feel or struggle with:

  • overwhelm,  

  • anger or frustration

  • self doubts or fears

  • anxiety and stress, worry

  • depression,

  • people pleasing, needing to be perfect

  • repeating the same kinds of patterns in your relationships, 

  • fear of judgment, rejection and abandonment?  


Maybe you recognize yourself in some of these questions.  Maybe you've taken the umpteen courses (I know I did), got the certifications (yup, check), read the books (ya), did the retreats and all the latest and greatest healing modalities.  And yet, you're still stuck, something isn't quite jiving (Ya, this was me).  

It isn't jiving because it's not enough to just try to get all spiritual or all physical or all feely about your life.  Without understanding the alignment needed in all the planes - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical it's like having a jigsaw puzzle but still not being able to bring all the pieces together for a complete picture. 


We arrive on this planet in a pure state of love and alignment.  However, our human journey brings conditioning and patterns which jump us out of the alignment of our true being.  By exploring these areas of patterning and beliefs and working through them systematically you will take back your life, reclaim your power and really own your true essence of who you are at your deepest level.​

As energetic beings, we are a piece of Divine love, we are a spark of the Divine having a human, earthly experience.  As such, we carry our past and current energetic patterns, emotions and thoughts at a cellular level.  This means that we MUST address all the planes of our being.  We cannot separate our concerns about our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs without understanding the interplay of our physical and spiritual bodies.  

I invite you to allow me to help you find your clarity and help to bring you awareness of what your heart is whispering to you.  When you can calm the noise of your mind to hear the whispering of your heart, this is a step towards returning to your sovereignty of yourself, your personal power, returning to the wild, untamed nature of a full heart, living a life cracked wide open, expressing, expanding and enjoying abundance on all levels. 



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