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Hello ~ I'm Mielle Fox

Who am I?  

  • I’m a health care professional who loves her community and sees a need to stop the trap of giving one's power away to everyone else (which will result in career and personal burnout, mental stress, exhaustion and frustration).

  • I’m a gal who has spent a lifetime overcoming challenges and obstacles.

  • I’m a gal who has a deep passion to serve the collective and make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

  • I’m a gal who loves science, math and spirituality and knows how to connect the bridge between them to facilitate healing and personal growth.  

  • I’m a gal who has the intuitive capacity to take abstract concepts and apply them to real world experiences. 

  • I’m a gal who lost loved ones too soon, recognized life’s fragility, who stopped and asked “is there another way?” 

  • I’m a gal with a big heart and a fast brain wanting to share how you can reconnect your head/heart resonance to create an integrated expression of wellness on all levels of your life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Hi there! Phew, that was a lot! ~ I’m Mielle Fox, creator and founder here at Fox Den Energetics.   My passion is to bring my lifetime of experiences and knowledge forward to help people who struggle with:

  • overwhelm,

  • anxiety, 

  • judgment, 

  • failure, 

  • rejection,

  • lack of security 


Who do I serve?  Professionals, entrepreneurs and workaholics who struggle with:

  • perfectionism

  • time tightness/management, 

  • overthinkers, 

  • multi-taskers

  • those who struggle with work and home balance

  • experiencing burnout both at work and at home


What do I bring to the table and why would you want to work with me? What do I value most?

  • I value freedom, truth and compassion. 

  • I provide clarity and guidance for people looking for empowered change and growth in their life.

  • I use proven personal transformation tools, techniques and methods to help create an aligned life of freedom, balance and harmony (customized coaching, numerology, EFT, intuitive conceptualization).

  • I help you reconnect to your personal power so you can create your version of your best life.


When you decide to prioritize yourself, your wellness on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, it results in an improvement in all of your relationships around you both professionally and personally. 


So what does science meets spirit even mean?  Why am I so passionate about this?  How did I get here?


I spent many years being everything for everyone, providing service while putting my own needs aside for the more immediate needs of others.  What I discovered along my journey was that more often than not, I had given my power away to others while looking for validation from outside of myself.   I had attached my idea of happiness, success, and worthiness to my environment and my work.  Then I lost a close family member too soon, too quickly.   I realized I wasn’t living up to my true potential and fulfilling my other passions because deep down, I was afraid of (fill in the blank ~ rejection, judgment, failure etc.).


Enter the connection of science and spirit ~ I’m a geeky girl - I love science, proven theory, concepts and ideas, problem solving.  I spend a lot of time in my head but I also believe strongly that we are not all there is here on Earth.  I believe we are supported by influences outside of what we perceive here in our 3D world.  Ding ding!!!  I realized that there is real evidence and scientifically supported evidence which affirms the connection to our higher perspective (call it what you will ~ Universe, Source, Spirit, God, Buddha, Love…use whatever term fits for you, but don’t miss the message behind the words!).


It is this energetic connection between science and spirit which has served me to guide me back to who I am.  I am not the projection of who I thought I needed to be as a result of conditioning, old patterns, blocks, trauma, beliefs, old stories and the stories I told myself to justify my way of moving through the world.  This connection has allowed me to heal.  Ya, all of it.  


We are here for a very short time on this Earth ~ and we are here to both learn and teach as we co-create our experiences on this journey. Living our best life and being aligned with our soul purpose, acknowledging our gifts, our strengths and our wisdom as part of the Universe begins with learning about ourselves. This is my why - by providing clarity, I am committed to showing others the possibilities of amazingness just waiting to be discovered.  I help you to reconnect to your heart through the connection of science and spirit so you can embody your gifts and wisdom to create a life of ease and fulfillment.

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